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Monday, October 06, 2008

Something Extraordinary at a Coffee Shop

Friday night, Dwayne and I went on a date. The first one in a while. We wondered around the Monrovia Farmer's Market, which seemed to go on for miles compared to the one in El Segundo. Then we hit the Monrovia Coffee Company for a little gig by one of Dwayne's fellow students.

Because it was coffee shop and because it was a casual collection of people, I suppose I didn't expect the music to be anything special. I was wrong. Soren, Dwayne's friend, was the opener, and after him Andrea Hamilton played.

I'm so amazed that I got to hear this talented musician play in such an intimate setting. She wasn't fancy, or glossy. She just told her songs, cracked jokes, improvised, and the air of the evening was so entirely informal that I hardly realized I was in the midst of such amazing talent. Except that, I couldn't pull myself out of the seat.

I thought we'd only stay for an hour, but when an hour came and Dwayne nudged me to go, I couldn't leave.

"Just one more song!" I said, and we stayed for an hour more.

I love LA for this reason. It's like talent is oozing out the pores of the sidewalk. You can go to a coffee shop, listen to a gig, and walk away having experienced something extraordinary.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great music - I enjoyed listening on her website. Though you tought the high quality of life in LA, let me point out that she started her career in Kansas City. We are not the cultural desert, but the incubator.

Love, Terry

8:32 AM  
Blogger Christin said...

touche! ;-)

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Andrea Hamilton said...

I fell upon your blog and wanted to just thank you for your kind words and so glad you enjoyed my music! Definitely come see me again, I play in Monrovia and around LA pretty often.

btw, I grew up in Olathe Kansas and moved to LA for school. :)

10:34 AM  
Blogger Christin said...

Andrea! How in the world did you find this? That's a little spooky (but fun). Now I'm going to be careful who I write about...

We'll come see you play anywhere.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Andrea Hamilton said...

Sorry! Didn't meant to be creepy :D Reverbnation has a web buzz tool so if my name is mentioned, it usually finds it. There's a girl out there also named Andrea Hamilton who has a blog. oh the powers of the internet :)

12:54 AM  

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