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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Thinking About Quitting (aka Self-doubt)

Yesterday, while listening to "This American Life" I heard something that has me seriously considering shutting down the blog.

About halfway through the story the reporter exclaimed passionately, You know bloggers! They just sit around writing, writing, writing. Which I think is insane because they don't get paid for it. Which has got me in a tizzy.

I love writing my blog, but am I wasting my $30,000 writing degree?


Blogger Amanda said...

Tin, I can't answer for you, but I can share my thoughts concerning my own blog,

I will keep blogging as long as it is:

1. enjoyable for me
2. a writing outlet
3. enjoyable for me

I would stop my blog if:
1. it stressed me out

Isn't the cardinal rule of writing to write? When I'm blogging, I write more all around. The more time I spend blogging the more time I spend writing other stuff. Blogging doesn't take away from my other writing, it makes other writing easier.

I found that my stuffy, academic papers were a little less stuffy when I was regularly posting on my blog--I needed the creative outlet to somehow breath life into my other writing.

Plus I like the idea of being able to pass on some of the stories/thoughts to Sam when he gets older.

I also came to the conclusion that my blog was going to be solely for me (and maybe my mom), and that I would write about things that brought me joy and that if I were the only one who ever read it that would be okay because the outlet that the blog was providing was so helpful. The number of comments I received (or didn't receive) would not effect my writing.

5:45 AM  
Blogger Drew and Erika Hettinger said...

I was just saying to Drew the other day that now that I'm a faithful reader of every blog I know about, I've decided that some people shouldn't be blogging. They just don't have anything to say. There is a bit of a correlation between the number of comments a person gets and the quality of their blog. The bad ones get no comments ever because they never inspire any comment.

And then I said, "Now, Christin, hers is a good blog. She always has something to say, and she knows how to say it."

Them's the facts.

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Always remember - the most rewarding tasks in life do not pay in cash.

As to your blog - that's your decision to make.


8:22 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

phooey on TAL! :) haven't listened to that episode yet (is it this week's?), so you've got me curious...but based on that quote I don't think the speaker knows what he's talking about.

we do what we love because we have to do it--because we love it--because we cannot NOT do it. sometimes we get paid for it, and that's an ideal arrangement. but do we stop doing it just because it doesn't bring in cash? so many, many meaningful things in life don't.

so if blogging is a space to do what you love--and to, whether intentionally or inadvertently, bless others by letting them look over your shoulder--who cares whether you get paid for it? I mean, it'd be nice, don't get me wrong...but not getting paid hardly seems a reason to put it aside.

just my $.02 :)

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really look forward to reading your posts...big fan here in Ohio! I find your blog refreshing. Would be sad to see you go.


12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

please dont leave (yes, i'm being selfish).. yours is my favorit-est blog of all time

8:40 PM  
Blogger enentrup said...

Hey there old friend.

Realized I hadn't visited ye olde blog in some time and came across this post of yours.

Inspired as I get listening to NPR, this inspiration, albeit a good poke to take stock, is nothing more. Write freely, write often.

Define your work, including what your blog is and isn't.

I think it's a FATAL FLAW for writerly types to feel as though they're giving away the store by hanging it out their on their blogs. You're not. If you were, your store SUCKS.

I happen to believe for you what I believe for myself: There's PLENTY of water in the well. No sense rationing it. You'll never run out of ideas, and I believe that the blog is a valuable outlet to a writer that scribes of yesteryear didn't have.


Just make sure you're writing other forms, too.

Speaking of which...aren't you and Julia working on a screenplay? When can I see some pages???

Glad to see you online!


8:28 PM  

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