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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mom the Spoken Word Poet

I wrote this for the current series at Mosaic called, "Practical Wisdom" and performed it twice this weekend.

Dwayne says I should post the poem. So here you go.

Proverbs 3
(An Interpretation)

What I'm about to tell you
Will lengthen the line of your days
Will harvest a crop of hope:

“In all your ways”
in every road where you put foot to path
in every street where you pass lights and lives
admit that there is one bigger than you, truer than you,
more real than the very breath you are now taking

“and He will make your ways”
straighter than the truth that has pierced your heart.
He will walk the trail you are now treading
And wear out every curve of confusion, every angle of apprehension.

“Don’t be wise in your own eyes”
be wise in the eyes of one who peers into your soul,
who sees what is not, and what cannot
be fathomed by those such as us,
dust as we are,
fading from one temporary moment to the next.

“Blessed is the man who finds wisdom”
it will be like he found a small child by the road
sat with her and heard the thoughts of God
held in the mind of one so innocent.

Those thoughts are deeper than Time
Simpler than a single note.

Beautiful are the traits of wisdom
“Nothing you desire can compare with her”
because nothing you desire brings peace
nothing you desire brings life
nothing you desire brings honor

But wisdom has laid these out like a laurel wreath
Ready for us to take with both hands.

That’s how God laid the foundations, placed the heavens, split the depths
That’s how he formed each one of us -
With sound judgment and good sense.

Cherish wisdom and know this:

The One, whose beginning and end meet on the other side of existence,
“He will be your confidence”
Though you fall, stumble, blunder, trip
He will keep you from breaking beyond repair.


Blogger Amy said...

He will keep you from breaking beyond repair

I sure hope so, Tin. that's a word I need to cling to.

6:34 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

beautiful poem, btw. :)

6:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that you are amazing. You always blow me away by what you write.

Nancy (Robichaud) Brink (ask dwayne who I am if you don't know.)

2:44 PM  

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