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Friday, August 26, 2005

An Introduction

We're back from Nova Scotia and it was a beautiful vacation. I had plenty of time to write, and walk, and enjoy the easy company of people. Dwayne's sister's wedding was lovely. We both approve of the man she chose and everyone agreed that the ceremony had a sweet spirit.

I want to take a few sentences to introduce you to the next set of posts I'll be publishing. I've written a sequence of six prose poems/short essays about our time in Nova Scotia. They are an experiment for two reasons: 1) I'm in the process of learning what a prose poem is, 2) I've written them in third person, which is a little unusual in creative nonfiction.
Instead of posting one a week, like I've been doing until this point, I've decided to post them every other day, so they wont take six weeks to read. So be sure to check in regularly this week to read about our vacation to Nova Scotia and to experience my experiment with third person and prose poems.;-)


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