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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Music Point and Mission Bay

Right off the plane, Annie took us to Music Point. You can see in the background the Volcanoe named "Rangitoto" (Rang-e-toe-toe).

We also got to visit my Aunt Beth, Uncle Jeff, and cousin Emily in Auckland. It was great!

We got to spend a lot of time with the people of the Wesleyan Church in Auckland. Here is a picture of several of them. That first night, Annie took us to Mission Bay where we met up with everyone for ice cream. On the left are Amy and Drew Donavan, who attended Bethany Bible College with Dwayne. Beside my sister is Derene Els, whose family is originally from South Africa. Her brother, Graemme, is at the other end of the table next to my Unlce Jeff. To the right of my cousin Emily is David, a true Kiwi and Graemme's best friend. They do alot of fellowshipping over there. Some of our most treasured memories are of sitting around eating together, talking, and playing games.

After ice cream at Movenpick's we walked across the street to the beach and hung out and talked some more.


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