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Monday, August 17, 2009


Last night I dreamed many things. It was one of those nights with lots of dreams jumbled in on one another, some disturbing, others inane, none of them particularly interesting.

BUT today two of the dreams I had last night came true!? It was bizarre and a little bit unnerving.

The first dream was about our new tea pot. It's a story not really worth repeating, as most dreams aren't, but let me just tell you that what I dreamed about our new bright cobalt tea pot came true this morning when Dwayne went to pour our tea.

I was so shocked, I actually told Dwayne about the dream.

The second dream was about a Day Care for Noelle. This past month I've spent quite a bit of time on-line, on the phone, and on tours trying to find a Preschool for Noelle to attend this Fall when I go back to work.

One of the Preschools is called Kindercare, but since it was way out of my price range I never visited it, and I never found out where it was. But I've heard quite a few moms and other preschool directors refer to it.

In my dream, I was in the car with Noelle and a Preschool director. We were driving down a street and the woman pointed out the window, "That's Kindercare," she said. I looked to my right and saw a school behind a gate with a big sign.

This morning, Noelle and I were running an errand and I took a route I've never taken before. I just about slammed on the breaks when I looked out of my right window and saw a gated school with a big sign: "Kindercare."

Honestly, it made me sort of nervous. I immediately started rolling through my dreams, trying to recall any I should be prepared for. But besides that, I don't want anything to do with mind-reading, future reading, palm-reading, dream-reading etc. I want my dreams to stay firmly in my sleep, and my reality to stay firmly in my day.

Has anyone had a dream come true like this?


Blogger Kelly said...

Yes!!! I have dreamed on two different occasions that various friends were pregnant...only to hear them announce their pregnancies the very next day. It is SUCH a strange feeling. :)

BTW...I went to college with you. We had several classes together. My maiden name was Bennett. I've really enjoyed reading your blog!!! You are such an amazing writer. Your sweet girl is so beautiful!


10:23 AM  

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