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Thursday, May 07, 2009

One of the Reasons I like My Work

I stood at the front of the class, getting the movie set up, when Richard walked in.

I wasn't surprised.  I'd asked for him to be there, just as back up in case I had any technical difficulties.  He sailed to the front of the classroom, "So what are we doing here?" he asked with that particular flair.  Richard is shorter than I am with a gently wrinkled face.  He is uninhibited, talks louder than he should and is utterly endearing.  

"Well, I don't need you after all," I said pointing to the screen where the DVD menu was playing.  "I figured it out!"

"Well, good!" he retorted and swaggered over to my desk to look at the various plugs and outlets.  "Now this plate right here," he pointed delicately, "it can get loose and short out your whole system."  Richard likes to give me the rundown of the electronics in my classroom.  Basically he just likes to socialize.

"So what are they watching?" he asked pointing at the screen.

"It's a movie about immigration post-9/11."

"Oh," he said raising his eyebrows knowingly.  "You know I was just over in the psychology department and we were talking about all sorts of crazy things."

"Really?" I said, noticing the minute hand on the clock ticking closer to class time.

He moved toward me and looked up into my face, "Have you heard of Jean Bennett?" he asked earnestly.

"Uh, the little girl that got kidnapped?" it was getting close to start time.

"Yes, they never found her body."  I wasn't sure where this was going, but suddenly he leaned in very close, tilted his head down and looked at me from under his brow, "If I say Nazi Mind Control do you know what I mean?"

I supressed a giggle.  The students were rustling in the background.  "No."

"I'll write this down for you," he moved toward the desk then stopped.  "No you'll remember it," and he waved his hand at me in jedi fashion.  He pointed to one finger at a time and pronounced each word very carefully.  "M - K - Ulta - Monarch.  Look it up!  It will blow your mind."  

"On google?" I asked.

He started working his way back through the rows of desks.  "Blow your mind!  You wont believe the stuff you find!"

Just another day at the office.


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