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Friday, April 27, 2007

Dancing with the Baby

I'm 16 weeks along. We went to the doctor's today and spent a good long time with the ultrasound practitioner. She did three different types of ultrasounds on me. I am now INTIMATELY aquainted with that machine. You pregnant women know what I mean!

Here's a picture of the baby. See its little profile on the left?

On the 3D ultrasound, I was able to see it's face - eyebrow bone, nose, chin. Sometimes, I have these abstract moments when I start to think about this baby as an actual little being inside of me. I mean, it's starting to grow hair and toe nails this week! In four more months things will be even wierder. It will be an actual full grown baby, just like the little babies you hold in your arms. Only it will still be inside my uterus. Does this strike anyone else as really strange?

During all the ultrasounds the baby wouldn't stop wiggling. It kicked, touched its face, turned, rolled, jerked. The practitioner had a hard time keeping it on the screen. "It keeps moving," she chuckled.

According to my Pregnancy Bible, the baby can sense sound now. I imagine all the jigging I saw on the ultrasound today was actually dancing. I have been playing my new favorite band, Phoenix, for it.

I am certainly taking it easy, since I'm still on limited bedrest, but I have to admit - every now and then I turn up the music and I dance with my little fetus.