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Monday, October 23, 2006

God and Abraham: Many Through One

I wrote this poem for another Mosaic performance piece. It's based on Erwin's latest talk, "Election." Nothing became of it, so I thought I'd at least put it up here. So it can get a little use.

God and Abraham:
Many Through One

Just think of it: you will be a nation of power.
Yes; you’ve said.
A nation to bless all nations.
And I will have as many grandkids as the sands of the sea.
As many as the stars in the sky.
Will others say those metaphors for centuries to come?
Others will say your name for centuries to come.
Tell me again. How will it go?
It will go with the birth of a son for you. A beautiful boy that you take to the altar.
Oh, I thought you were joking about that.
We’re not.
But you will save us, no?
I will save all of you.
I knew I was chosen.
You know only what we’ve told you.
I will sit in your favor and relish your pleasure.
You are the first, not the only. Understand?
Yes, I will love you and you will love me. Life will fold out in our love.
You will love us, and you will teach your children in the way of us. But you will not feel our love. You will know our love.
Ah, that’s what I thought. Enough with this pain and sacrifice, and a son at the altar.
You misunderstand. Pain is the key that opens the gate. You are the gate, Abraham.
I shall simply hide my heart from the key.
There is no hiding. Only feet waiting to enter the gate.
But, I thought you loved me.
Yes Abraham, and no. We love them.
I thought you chose me.
Yes Abraham, and no. It is for them, you have been chosen.


Blogger Tony Myles said...

This rocks! Can I use it in a sermon I'm preaching next Sunday?

2:46 PM  
Blogger Christin said...

Tony - Go for it! I'd be so happy for it to get some use.

8:27 PM  

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